Provisional Program

Wednesday September 14th

13:00 - 13:45 Welcome Lunch (buffet)
13:50 - 14:00 Opening of the meeting - Welcome and Information: Melinka Butenko
14:00-14:40 Keynote Lecture: Thomas Dresselhaus go to homepage
RALF Signalling along the Pollen Tube Journey
14:40-16:00 Session I: Immunity I (Microbial) - Chair: Stefanie Ranf
Presentations by:
Alicia Abarca, Sabine Eschrig, Martin Stegmann and Lisha Zhang
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-17.10 Keynote Lecture: Elwira Smakowska-Luzan go to homepage
The role of Cysteine-Rich Proteins in extracellular ROS perception
17:10-18.30 Session II: Biochemistry and structure - Chair: Michael Hothorn
Presentations by:
Maurice König, Jack Rhodes, Julia Santiago and Lin Xi
19:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00-22:00 Poster session I


Thursday September 15th

07:00-08:30 Breakfast
08:30-09:10 Keynote Lecture: Susana Coelho go to homepage
The secret life of brown seaweeds (Public Lecture)
09:10-10:30 Session III: Complex formation and downstream effectors - Chair: Michael Wrzaczek
Presentations by:
Markus Draeger, Yan Ma, Frank Menke and Lei Wang
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:40 Session IV: Development I - Chair: Julia Santiago
Presentations by:
Harold Nicholay Diaz Ardila, Michael Djordjevic, Keith Lindsey, Sergio Galindo-Trigo, Samy Carbonnel
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Poster Session II
15:30-17:00 Guided tour of Sandefjord
17:00-19:00 Free time
19:00-22.00 Conference dinner (SPPS prizes announcement)


Friday September 16th

07:00-09:00 Breakfast
09:00-9:40 Keynote Lecture: Jenny Russinova go to homepage
Endocytic regulation of damage-associated molecular pattern signalling
9:40-11:00 Session V: Immunity II (wound/herbivory) - Chair: Frank Menke
Presentations by:
Judith Fliegmann, Johana Misas Villamil, Simon Snoeck and Xu Wang
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
11:30-12:10 Keynote Lecture: Gwyneth Ingram go to homepage
Peptide-mediated apoplastic monitoring in plant reproductive development: The (w)hole story
12:10-13:10 Session VI: Development II - Chair: Stefanie Sprunck
Presentations by:
Qian Wang, Reidunn Aalen and Michael Taleski
13:00-13.20 Closing remarks: Thorsten Hamann and Rüdiger Simon
13:20 Lunch and departure